Designers showcasing their outfit.

A great fashion designer from Japan Kenzo Takada once said that “Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu”.

Every season is accompanied with a certain trend in fashion. Behind these trends are people who play around with patterns and colors just to make your best choice of outfit.

On the 16th of June 2022, St John Paul II Catholic College under the Designing and Tailoring department organized a Designers day at Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Institute hall.

This event takes place every semester whereby both trainers and students are given a chance to come up with a design of their choice by using the same type of fabric locally known as Chitenje and display it during the event.

The head of department at tailoring and design, Celina Masamba said that she’s very happy to see the increase in numbers of people enrolling for this program.

“I would also like to encourage those that underestimate the program including men to give it a try because you don’t just walk away with the creativity but you can also start your enterprises in a world where we are fighting with the high unemployment rate”.

Adding colors for the day were different activities the designers organized such as music, poetry, eating and dancing competition, drama, not forgetting the catwalk that presented the day.

Tailoring and Designing is one of the courses that St John Paul II Catholic College offers and it is divided into three groups. You have a chance to apply for a short term course which is covered for three months or a long term course for a certificate and a diploma accredited by TEVET.


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