April the 29th was a colorful day for students and management of St John Paul II Catholic College as education met entertainment with different cultural displays and fun centering the stage.

Not only did the stage entertain the students, the fun was open to the general public and presented a platform where talents were showcased and groomed.

Seconds after an opening prayer, the activities commenced with beautiful music and performances from Ice MW, Sampo my guy, nature traps, Emi lefra and Tanna just to mention a few.

Things took drastic and funny turn as the director of event called for volunteers to participate in an eating contest which got people seating on the edge of their seats.

Just as the audience thought they have seen it all, a beauty and modelling contest got the crowd wanting more as the models made their entrance rocking traditional, office, casual and dinner outfit. The judges crowned Amos Keli, a level 4 student in ICT as Mr John Paul and Getrude Muyawa a level 2 student in Administrative Studies as this year’s Mr. and Miss John Paul.

In an interview with the newly crowned king of St John Paul, Amos Keli emphasized on the importance of good leadership and proper communication channels between the students and administration which he vowed to carry on.

Refreshers such as this should be happening here and now to make sure that beside education, students are also motivated and entertained” added Keli.

Further away from Keli, the new queen of St. John Paul emphasized on the need to empower girls from the school and surrounding communities to build their self-confidence and along the way help build a better society for the next generation.

The climax of the event was when the young and talented Chifuniro Magalasi popularly known as ELI NJUCHI lifted the microphone winning the soul of every individual in the audience.

Soon after his set, ELI NJUCHI said it was of great importance to show up for the event as except for entertainment, music inspires and motivates.

However, Mwayi Chilemba the president of student union said that, the event was organized with the idea of giving a warm welcome to students who have just joined them from the January-June intake. “We wanted everyone around Chilomoni to gather here with us because it was 2019 when an activity like this happened due to Covid-19 measures”, Chilemba said.


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