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St. John Paul II Catholic College was established in 2007 and is an innovative, high-quality centre of education, dedicated to enriching individual lives and communities. The St. John Paul II Catholic College is named after Pope John Paul II who had a great passion for the holistic transformation of young people

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St. John Paul II Catholic College at a Glance

Why Choose Us?

State of art facilities

Our dynamic and engaging campus, has a range of different buildings that all utilise Beehive’s own hydraform blocks. The qhole campus is fully solar powered with over 150 computers dedicated specifically for training. Our building facility truly reflects who we are and what we stand for regarding the service we provide - great design and high quality workmanship. Every little detail has been thought of and executed.

Well Qualified Trainers & Staff

Our campus has attracted and recruited a diverse set of excellent people who have the skills and attitudes needed to deliver the results that we consistently boast of every academic year. We have a total of 19 staff memebers who are graduates from various universities and Colleges in Malawi and abroad trainers and 19 and a total of 7 administrative staff .

Guided by Catholic Values

We embrace all the traditions of the Catholic Church. Non-Catholics are most welcome to apply to the school. By creating a teaching and learning environment founded on love, care and respect; we aim to ensure that everyone will feel safe and enjoy being at our college to learn and develop.

Inspiring Future Generations

Ontop of teaching the various courses all students are also given the opportunity to enrol in the free leadership course. This gives them the prospect of graduating with two certificates. We strive to ensure that our students become people of influence and succeed in the workplace, following in the footsteps of great leaders such as St. John Paul II, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela.

“St. John Paul II Catholic College has the best learning resources. As a software developer my career started when I joined the college where I acquired skills and knowledge that helped me in the early days of my career “

- Salvation Makina

Alumnus (Software Developer)

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